Recommended Keyboards

First Act 37 Key Electronic Keyboard
Great keyboard for the primary beginner.
Ages 5-7.  This will help them to achieve thier fingering on keys thier little fingers can reach.  $24.99

Casio CTK2000 61 Key  Package with Stand, Headphones and Power Supply
Amazing keyboard for the intermediate, teen and adult beginners. Ages 8 and up.  Attach your ipod or CD player and try to play along to your favorite songs!  Even a computer attachment!  $119.95

These keyboards are great as an initial investment.  As your child grows in technique and passion for playing please invest in a piano. 

In addition foot pedals and stools make great gifts for your child as they progress!

Recommended Piano Dealers

Lane Music
Beautiful showroom and very helpful staff!  A great selection of different types of pianos too!

These and other great keyboards can be found at Walmart or