Call Us
We can answer any questions that you may have.  901-644-7330.
We will then set an appointment time for your FREE consultation.   THi helps us to determine a student's musical preferences and background, what they are looking to learn and what they already know. This process allows the instructor to prepare accordingly for your first lesson.

Apply Online
By using the online application feature, you can select group or private  instruction, your preferred lesson times, and schedule your FREE consultation appointment time within minutes.

After  these steps are completed, your instructor will call you to introduce themselves, welcome you to Keys for Kids Memphis, and confirm your FREE consultation appointment to ensure you have an awesome personalized experience.

Where Lessons Are Taught
Group lessons are taught  at a local community center or church.
Private lessons are taught in the student's home. 

Paying for Lessons
Private Lesson fees are $15 per week for a 30 minute lesson.
Group Class lessons vary by location and skill level.
Lessons may be paid on a monthly or weekly basis depending on your preference.  Payment for lessons are received at the start of the lesson time.  Lesson payments must be made via cash or check.  You will only pay for the lessons you will be taking in a particular month.  If the student misses a lesson, pre-paid fees will be applied to another day.

Your First Class and Our Guarantee
Your first class should go off without a hitch. Your instructor should show up on time and should have a lesson plan already to go based on your FREE consultation.  If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your first lesson, you have our Guarantee behind you. Make sure to contact us within 3 days of your first lesson and we will refund you.

Rescheduling or Changing Lessons
Once enrolled, you will work directly with your instructor to handle rescheduling of private lessons. You must give the instructor at least  24 hours notice to reschedule a lesson.  To make more permanent changes to your lessons, such as changing day/time, lesson duration, or location; you must contact within 48 hours notice .

Stopping Lessons
Although we are always sad to stop a student's lessons, we understand these things happen and we make it an easy transition. Please note we do not offer refunds on lessons that have been paid a month in advance but not taken. If you are not able to physically take the remaining lessons as scheduled, give them to a friend, or even donate them to scholarship potential students.

See our Group Class Schedule